Carpet Cleaning

Carpet is a great option for our homes. It’s comfortable and soft to walk on. However, it also acts as a trap for dirt, dust and allergens. In fact, studies have proven that an non-maintained carpet can be harmful to ourselves as well as children and pets. For your carpet cleaning needs, Lime Green Cleaning is your best choice. We use industry standard carpet cleaning methods to emulsify dirt and soil, leaving you with a clean and tidy home or office. After we are finished, your carpets are left sanitized and hygienic.

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Our Cleaning Method

There are different methods of carpet cleaning. We use a method called steam cleaning that is still considered to be the industry standard and has been proven and improved over the years. Here is our process:
• Pre-treat with all natural products
• Agitate with a dual brush system called a CRB
• Truck mounted steam cleaning
• Post- clean carpet raking
• Walk-through with customer

Don’t Forget To Vacuum

Our carpet acts as the largest air filter in our home. The average carpet can hold up to 8 times it’s weight in dust allergens and toxins. Vacuuming your carpets regularly is an essential part of keeping your our carpet and our homes maintained. On top of vacuuming, professional carpet cleaning is recommended by the IICRC as part of regular maintenance at least once a year.

Carpet Cleaning in Phoenix AZ

Steam cleaning is a sure way to ensure a healthy home environment. In Phoenix, Arizona we have sand and dust as well as particles that contain valley fever spores, so it’s important to choose the right cleaning method. Call the most green and thorough carpet cleaner Phoenix, Az has to offer and see the difference. Carpet fibers can be olefin, wool, cotton, silk, polyester, nylon or a multitude of blends of synthetic and natural fibers. The right cleaning solution for your carpet can be employed once you’ve identified the carpet fiber. Vacuuming is used for cleaning surface dirt. The wind that we get in Phoenix brings sand, dust and many other unwanted debris into our homes. Vacuums, using air flow and pressure, traps most surface dust and dirt into a filter bag, whereas water, rinses and emulsifies dirt, allergens and microbes. They go hand in hand. We use industry standard equipment and eco-friendly cleaning products in all of our cleaning services. When your carpet is clean and sanitized, your home looks inviting and well maintained. Carpet protectant can be applied after a cleaning to make splits easier to blot up as well as keeping its natural stain resistant properties.

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